Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding and Daycare

Once my dog completes a Meet & Greet will he/she always be accepted?
Sometimes we do require a few more steps past our initial meet & greet. Our staff will inform you of the next steps if they feel more time is needed to evaluate your dog (half day of daycare or an overnight may be required before booking a reservation). Even after your dog has been accepted, behavior changes can occur. We reserve the right to remove your dog from our play groups. If your dog gets into a dog fight, for the safety of all, they will not be allowed back in our social groups. This environment is not suitable for all dogs.
My dog isn’t neutered/spayed, can they still come for daycare?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate un-neutered males or unspayed females over 8 months of age in our daycare yard.
What vaccines are required?
Our facility requires current vaccinations of Rabies, Bordetella & Distemper. We do not require the Flu vaccine but do recommend it.
Are you closed on Holidays?

Although our office is closed, as well as daycare and pick-up/drop-offs for boarding on major holidays, our kennel is still fully staffed to care for your boarding pup.

Do I need to bring anything for daycare?
If you have a puppy that eats 3 times a day you can bring food, otherwise just bring a leash, harness/collar and lots of energy!
How long can I leave my dog at daycare?
We offer full and half days. Full days are business hours, M-F 7:30am-6pm. Half days are 4 hours or less, it’s up to you what 4 hours you would like to drop off during business hours.
Do I need to make a reservation for daycare?

Yes, please check with us in as much advance notice as possible to reserve your dogs spot but even then we cannot always guarantee an open spot.

What do I need to bring for boarding?

Food, feeding instructions, any medication in original bottle with instructions. Optional to bring a blanket or bed (must be washable) and a toy. No need to bring bowls, we provide those.

When can I drop off/pick up my dog for boarding?

You can drop off anytime during business hours. If you drop off early enough they can have play time in our daycare. Checkout is before 12PM on departure day, otherwise a $38 daycare charge will be added to their stay. We do not have after hour pick-ups. 

Do I need to make a reservation for boarding?

Yes, please give us as much notice as possible and note we are a small facility and do fill up quickly on weekends, holidays, and during the summer months. During these busy times reservations are best 2-3 months in advance. We do require a 3-night minimum stay over holidays.

Why do meet and greet assessments close?

We are a small facility and to maintain the highest level of care we do not go over our capacity limits.  During peak times we tend to have waiting lists for our services. To help current clients be able to get appointments we do close meet and greet assessments.  If our assessments are closed our website will be kept up-to-date and emailing or calling us will not change the status. Thank you for understanding and helping us provide the best services and care to you and your pups! 

Is daycare included with a boarding stay?
Yes, as long as your dog is social he/she will be with the daycare dogs during the day.
Can my dog get a bath or nails trimmed during their stay?

Yes, although we are not a groomer we offer bathing and nail trim services. If your dog is boarding 4 or more nights they will receive a complimentary bath. Nail trims can be added at an additional $25 fee.

What happens if my dog gets hurt or sick while at BB?

In extreme/life threating cases we will transport your dog to the emergency vet and contact the owners/emergency contact immediately. In minor cases we call the owners/emergency contact and discuss steps.

What are the risks of doggie daycare & boarding?
While we take care to make sure injuries don’t occur, they can. Small scrapes, sore pads and hot spots/skin irritations are some of the more common things we see. We let owners know when we see these issues, big or small. Sometimes things do get past us so feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
Will my dog get kennel cough? If so, what are the signs?
There is always a risk your dog could catch kennel cough when socializing with other dogs. Incubation stage is 3-7 days; therefore, dogs can be contagious before showing signs. Like the flu, there are different strains and even though your dog received the Bordetella vaccine for kennel cough it only protects your dog from a certain strain. Signs of kennel cough can be coughing or hacking like something might be stuck in their throat. This may start out intermittently and progressively become more consistent. When we know exposure has occurred we will inform you. If your dog has kennel cough please let us know as well. Although most cases of kennel cough will resolve without treatment, medications may speed up recovery or minimize symptoms during the course of infection. Please contact your vet to discuss further.
Do we use bark collars?

We are a no bark facility but also know that dogs can become vocal while playing and having fun, which is fine. If a dog is barking uncontrollably we will try to correct this behavior verbally, using a shaker or removing from the group for a break. We will then contact the owners to discuss further steps or approval for use of a vibration or stimulation bark collar.

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We are closed on major holidays

Although our office is closed for pick-ups, drop off's, and daycare on major holidays, our kennel is still fully staffed to care for your boarding pups. During holidays we require a 3 night minimum reservation.


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